Eric Michel Ministries International
Independent United Methodist









is a chaplaincy, a seminary and an interdenominational association of churches (name the assembly) of the denomination of Independent United Methodist, based in Eastern Canada. We are a non-stipendiary organism.

The Incorporation was received on the 2014.07.14 from Industry Canada under the number 895170-5 as a Non-Profit Organisation

Religious Constitution of the EMMI Independent United Methodist

Apostolic Succession
The EMMI defines Apostolic Succession in a firm belief in the Apostolic Faith. You can have a broken line of Bishops and still be in Apostolic Succession. The line of Bishop is a moral and Metaphysical one. Holding Jesus of Nazareth, Mary of Magdala, James The Just, Simon-Peter as our Holy Fathers in our faith and belief.

This Constitution provides the framework within which  EMMI, to governs itself with the help of The Board of Elders Advisers and Accountability. The Constitution sets forth the fundamental rights and corresponding responsibilities of members and the basic structure for decision-making and action within the EMMI. All laws, regulations and customs of EMMI shall be carried out within this Constitution’s framework and spirit.

Canadian, Provincial, Municipal Laws and By-Laws Civil Laws have precedence over all Canon Laws, and this is valid for all ministries.

The actual name Eric Michel Ministries International a religious corporation appeared in the middle of 2012 with the arriving in our congregation of the Rev Marie Yvonne on April 28th, which became our Co-Founder a few months after.

Both Founders are Ministers: Co-ordained by Open Door – Open Faith Church a Broken Arrow Indian Community Church, in Oklahoma, USA.

The EMMI use Archbishop who is the equivalent of Bishop President in some denominations of Christianity.

We are a Chaplaincy, a Seminary and an association of churches

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