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Eric Michel Ministries International exists to help to accomplish in the world the work of Christ. We are an independent and autonomous organization. Liberal Christian belief. Our goal is to combine the Protestant form of worship, the majestic rituals with the widest measure of intellectual freedom and respect for individual conscience.

Eric Michel Ministries International an independent not-for-profit corporation who allows:

  1. The use of local language for spirituals celebrations.
  2. Access to the priesthood of married priests and married priests still celibates and access to the priesthood without discrimination to women with the same powers and privileges as men.
  3. Dissolution of a religious marriage after a civil divorce and the possibility remarry religiously.
  4. Encourages the use of condoms. It is no sin to protect and/or to protect his or her partner all possible S.T.D.Abortion, we consider all situations with human compassion.
  5. Our Worship Service is base on Baptist Universalist and Progressive Christian

Our Mission

Supporting the community experience relational, emotional and spiritual growth, helping them in their day to day needs:

  • To meet the needs and challenges of the community
  • To make the most efficient use of resources available
  • To provide quality caring, effective, efficient, professional religious ministries.
  • To serve as a consultant regarding religious services and other issues
  • To be instruments of God’s love, care and peace
  • To respect the values of every person
  • To promote equality and justice.
  • To treat others as we want to be treated

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God~ Heb 13:16

Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure pressed down, shaken together, running over, ~ Luc 6:38

A ministry of presence and availability.

Internationally with Harmony and URI, open to other religions, even if we keep a position on our belief, meaning accessible to all, understand other faith and agree to be part in interfaith organizations to promote peace with the cooperative group HARMONY using the interaction between people of different religious traditions at the individual level with the aims to create social assistance to anyone in need.

The chaplaincy is a training and leadership for the clergy in more work for the faithful.

The chaplaincy is a religious and priestly organization. Today this primitive ideal of sharing continues with solidarity actions of the chaplains with the poorest and most fragile and care for community development activities

Nationally the Chaplaincy with the clergy members visiting.

  • A chaplain provides pastoral care
  • The Chaplaincy is a ministry serving hospital, nursing home, or institution.
  • We wear military uniforms, hospital gowns, hard hats, and badges,
  • Our chaplains are generally bi-vocational.
  • We listen, care, and respond.



The Chaplaincy Watchdog offer you:

  • Find Offenders
  • Offender counts
  • Know the facts
  • Safety Information and tips and services to Business

This site is provided in partnership with Family Watchdog LLC at no cost to the taxpayers of this or any other jurisdiction.

The chaplaincy

A chaplain is a priest, pastor, rabbi, imam, lay representative of a worldview attached to a secular institution such as a hospital, prison, military unit, police department, university, or private chapel. Though originally the word "chaplain" referred to representatives of the Christian faith, it is now applied to men and women of other religions or philosophical traditions such as in the case of humanist Belgium. In recent years many lay individuals have received professional training in chaplaincy and are now appointed as to work alongside or instead of official members of the clergy. The concept of ‘generic’ and/or ‘multifaith’ chaplaincy is also gaining increasing support, particularly within healthcare and educational settings.


A chapel is a religious place of fellowship, prayer and worship most often associated with interfaith worship services. It may be part of a larger structure or complex, such as a church, synagogue, college, hospital, palace, prison or funeral home, located on board a military or commercial ship, or it may be an entirely free-standing building, sometimes with its own grounds. The chapel is under the leadership of a chaplain. Our chapel denoted a place of worship that is at a location that is not the responsibility of any other faith, church, non-denominational chapel who is an inter-faith chapel who was consecrated by our bishop. (Visit the virtual Chapel)


  1. Road Warriors
  2. Harmony (a Circle)
  3. Inter-Faith
  4. Campus Chaplain

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