Eric Michel Ministries International
Independent United Methodist



In 2017 we choose a new denomination that reflects our Canon Code of Law

We became an Independent UNITED METHODIST organization following our new affiliate church in Malawi Africa

Les Ministères ERIC MICHEL Ministries International is a chapel of the Independent United Methodist denomination, based in Eastern Canada. Founded in 2012 in the Province of Quebec, it has a majority French English followers. 

The purposes of Eric Michel Ministries International are to promote the United Methodist faith; to educate its members, congregants and the public about IUM values, history and religious tradition; to develop IUM educational, theological, spiritual and inspirational material for the benefit of its members, congregations and the general public; to promote charitable acts and causes; to foster fellowship and goodwill among its members, congregants and the public; to promote reason in religion, religious tolerance and freedom of conscience; to promote the moral, ethical and responsible exercise of free will; to promote a free society.